The bar-volunteers keep U1 studentbar running at night! As a bar-volunteer you have two bar-shifts during the semester. A bar-shift lasts one evening/night and includes work tasks such as rigging the student bar before events, checking ID at the entry and taking orders at the bar. Being a bar-volunteer at U1 is super social and you are guaranteed to get to know other students and volunteers!



Café is very fun and social. It is the largest volunteer group within the association, and you get the opportunity to get to know a wide array of pleasant people – Norwegian and international. As a volunteer for the café, you will be working at least one three hour-shift every other week, but you are of course welcome to contribute more should you want to.


do the same as over 300 students at UiO


Find you volunteer group below and join the facebook group.

There you will come in contact with the responsible for the group.

As a volunteer at SVFF you get:

Free coffee, discounts in the bar, the opportunity to be at U1 outside opening hours, invitation to volunteerparties, and you will join a unique environment at UiOs most active student association.


You will contribute with graphic material under the auspices of SVFF. Such as

posters and banners for events. You will work in teams with others,

and together create weekly graphic material. You do not need much experience from graphics

programs or such, as long as you have the guts and interest you will get far. This is

an excellent opportunity to cultivate your creative ideas.




As a photography volunteer you get to come to heaps of events and take photos for U1s social media platforms and for photo walls. You become part of creating memories that last forever! You sign up for shifts during the semester.



The pub quizzes at U1 are an important institution which draws people from all around the university every other Thursday. The quizzes are often theme based, in all ranges of difficulty, and with a wide array of questions!


As a quiz volunteer, you get to contribute to this tradition! Working as a quiz volunteer involves sending inn 15 questions every other week (the quizzes are based on a selection of these questions) and participating as support during the quizzes - this includes handling answer sheets, correcting answers, controlling music and microphones, as well as being on standby in case quiz-relatere help is needed. During the quiz, all the quiz volunteers sit together, enjoying popcorn and their favourite beverage. They may also solve the quiz themselves, however participation is unoffical.



- Can I participate in the quizzes if I want to?

Sadly, no. The quiz volunteers may, however, unofficially participate together when working, since there is little to be done during the actual quiz itself.

- Do I have to send inn questions and help every quiz?

Basically, yes. If there are many quiz volunteers, however, you may only need to participate every other quiz. You do have to send inn questions every other week before Sundays.

- Can I join as Quiz-Master?

Yes! There are always two quiz-masters. One is the quiz manager, and the other is a quiz volunteer. The quiz manager will ask if anyone would like to join as quiz master in advance of every quiz, and you may comment and say yes if you would like!


You are going to hang up posters according to a “poster-round” once a week. This is an

excellent opportunity to get to know the campus and the surrounding area. You get your weekly exercise round, while doing something good for the community. One round takes approx. 20 min, with elements of good s (you’ll learn what this means).



As a DJ volunteer at U1 you get to be the dancefloor tyrant! You’ll learn how to mix and also how to plug in the aux. If you think you’re the best at creating the best vibes on sweaty nights at U1 this is the group for you!




Do you want to decide which politicians will be grilled at U1? As a volunteer you’ll take part in planning and organizing the debates to be hosted by SVFF. It’s also a great opportunity for taking part in the SVFF community and making friends across the different social sciences. Join us, it’ll be fun!